-Abecedario De Mano

This section is a collection of twelve “forms/sets” which teach the proper dynamics in using the different parts of the practitioner’s body as weapons. Each set consists of twelve techniques which are geared toward specific targets, and how to hit those targets.

Set One: Forward Slap

Set Two: Reverse Slap

Set Three: Forward Fist (Hammer Fist/Punch)

Set Four: Reverse Fist (Thrusting Back Fist/One-Knuckle Hook/Punch)

Set Five: Single Elbow

Set Six: Double Elbow

Set Seven: Wrist Hack

Set Eight: Reverse Wrist Hack

Set Nine: Forearm Thrust Hack

Set Ten: Forearm Cut Hack

Set Eleven: Eyejabs/Gouges

Set Twelve: Kicks