The introduction to the system is generally started in single stick. Although training is done with a rattan stick of about thirty inches, training is done with the idea that the stick actually represents a sword. Training can be done with training swords (made of wood or aluminum) which have dulled edges. This will remind the practitioner that there is a blade-orientation for their techniques. Basic core body mechanics are introduced which are intertwined with the various footwork patterns–enabling the practitioner to hit with authority and to establish superior positioning in relation to the opponent.

Other Applications:

There are other applications for Solo Baston that are adapted from other parts of the system. For example, one may see checking hand applications from Doble Baston, or breaks or chokes from Espada Y Daga. One can also apply techniques from Solo Baston to other weapons, such as the chokes from the third set of Seguidas to using a walking stick, or performing techniques from the Five-Attacks Sub-System with a shoe or car antennae. It is precisely the theories of the system that enable a practitioner to turn common, everyday items into potential weapons for self-defense.