-Pekiti De Mano

Pekiti-De-Mano is the advanced empty hand section of the curriculum, as it teaches several entry techniques to the opponent’s attack, all of which end in a lock/break, takedown, or choke. In fact, all of the major locks/breaks, takedowns and such found in other parts of the system can find their basic roots here.

Set One: Versus the One-Handed Lapel Grab

Set Two: Versus the Jab

Set Three: Versus the Slap

Set Four: Versus the Eye Jab

Set Five: Versus the Elbow

Set Six: Versus the Wrist Hack (or Sidearm Grab)

Set Seven: Versus the Body Punch

Set Eight: Versus the Backfist

Set Nine: Versus the Cross

Set Ten: Versus the Hook

Set Eleven: Versus the Wrist Grab

Set Twelve: Versus the Front Choke