-Knife Level 3

Pakal Versus Pakal

The Passing Drill:

Because the opponent is also now in pakal, the parrying in this set is done differently than in the previous sets, due to the threat of being hooked. This set essentially echoes the techniques seen in Advanced Hand Versus Knife.

The Locking Drill:

Using the peculiarities of the pakal grip, the practitioner again learns how to establish one of the basic locks (e.g. inside wristlock, outside wristlock, bent armbar or straight armbar) on the opponent.

The Scissoring Drill:

As in Knife Level Two, the “scissoring” in pakal grip is more akin to ripping the opponent’s weapon arm.

The “Extras” Drill:

This section of the curriculum contains quick thrusts off of knife-to-knife engagements, as well as takedowns.