-The Abecedario

… meaning “ABC’s”…This is the basic twelve-attack single stick form which pinpoints certain targets and further develops body mechanics. The extended version of the form is one hundred forty four strikes (consisting of twelve sets of twelve strikes each) which show different methods for hitting those targets. For example, one set may use the tip of the stick, another set will use the butt-end of the stick, yet another set will teach a bayonet-style of hitting. Within the set are many knife, walking cane and empty hand applications. These sets essentially provide a physical vocabulary in which the practitioner can practice and apply.

Set One: Forward Basic

Set Two: Reverse Basic

Set Three: Double Force

Set Four: Reverse Doble Force

Set Five: Reverse-Grip

Set Six: Reverse Reverse-Grip

Set Seven: Punyo

Set Eight: Reverse Punyo

Set Nine: Hook

Set Ten: Reverse Hook

Set Eleven: Bayonet

Set Twelve: Reverse Bayonet