Pekiti-Tirsia International

The website of my good friend and teacher, Tuhon William R. McGrath. Tuhon McGrath administers the system with integrity and excellence.

Internal Arts International (New York Internal Arts)

The website of Sifu Tom Bisio, gifted practitioner and instructor of Xing Yi, Ba Gua Zhang and Tui Na, who helped blaze the way for Pekiti-Tirsia during its Golden Era in New York.

FMA Talk

A forum for discussion about the Filipino Martial Arts and a good resource for supplies, videos and schools.

Tactical Arts Academy

Kali Gear

The websites of Mandala Tuhon Leslie Buck and his Pekiti-Tirsia program. Some great supplies can be found here as well.

The Inosanto Academy

The website of Guro Dan Inosanto, one of greatest pioneers and proliferators of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Zach Whitson

The website of Mataas Na Guro Zach Whitson…who also promotes and teaches Kenpo, Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima and his own Counterpoint Tactical System. He also makes some of the finest knives around.

North Shore Accupuncture

The website of Guro Steve Lamade, who practices sports medicine as applied though Chinese methodology, and teaches San Miguel Eskrima, as passed from Grandmaster Momoy Canete via Master Tom Bisio.

The Dog Brothers

“Real-Contact Stickfighting” pioneers who look at fighting as a method for real personal growth, led by “Crafty Dog” Marc Denny.

Kombat Instruments Limited

An excellent resource for equipment, run by a member of the Dog Brothers, Mandala Tuhon Nick “Pappy Dog” Papadakis.

The World Modern Arnis Alliance

The website of Datu Tim Hartman and his Modern Arnis program. He has been a good friend and supporter of my efforts in PTI.

GAMMA: Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

The website of Mandala Tuhon Phil Gelinas, who offers training in various martial systems, of which is Pekiti-Tirsia (being a first-generation student of Mataas Na Tuhon Gaje). He also is known by his Dog Brother name, “Sled Dog”.

Ocean Martial Arts

The website of Mataas Na Guro Chris Ash, who teaches Pekiti-Tirsia and Wing Chun.

PMATC: Progressive Martial Arts Training Center

PMATC is a place to study Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Pekiti-Tirsia under the guidance of PTI Louisiana State Director, Dan Terrell.

Direct Torres Eskrima

The website of Maestro Martin Torres, who teaches Eskrima, Wing Chun and Boxing. One of the program instructors is my brother, Master Jeff Latorre.

Pekiti-Tirsia Global City

The website of Mataas Na Guro Chris Verdot (a former student of both Tuhon Rommel Tortal and the late Tuhon Jasper De Ocampo…and now of Tuhon Bill McGrath), who is a Frenchman who teaches in the Philippines…and is working hard to share the art with the local Filipinos.

Integrated Fighting Concepts

The website of Guro Nathan Hunt and Guy Javarone, who teach Filipino, Korean, Thai and Indonesian martial arts in Watertown, New York. They have been studying Pekiti-Tirsia and teaching it.