“Non-Curricular Material”

The core curriculum teaches the obvious weapon categories, such as empty hand and knife. Filipino Martial Arts in general (and Pekiti-Tirsia in particular) demonstrate the transitive property of the aforementioned weapon categories and apply them to other weapons and objects, thereby creating a larger scope of study areas to learn self-defense.
As an example, much of the Solo Baston material can be used for umbrella, lead pipe or objects haiving similar qualities. And some of the Daga material can be used for non-edged objects like the tactical flashlight or fountain pen.

In some cases, there are other areas of study that are arranged in non-curricular blocks…blocks of techniques and concepts that can be studied which are extrapolated from the other curricular blocks. Examples would be the Spear sets, the Gun Seguidas, Walking Stick, and such. They follow the tenets of Pekiti-Tirsia but are not not major aspects considered for testing.

In the end, Pekiti-Tirsia is not defined by a finite number of techniques. It is a particular body dynamic (as taught by formal curriculum) superimposed onto a particular strategic approach (also taught by exemplars within the formal curriculum) that is fairly recognizable and rather effective. Therefore, regardless of weapon category, virtually anything can be ‘Pekiti-Tirsia’ once the particulars of body dynamics and strategy are understood and made functional.