-Espada Y Daga Level 3

(pakal vs. pakal)

The Attacks:

Once again, there is a set of twelve attacking combinations that demonstrate the use of the pakal hand. It should be noted that the set also keeps in mind that the opponent is in pakal grip as well, which complicates matters for both combatants.

The Disarms:

The mechanics for disarming are somewhat different in reference to the opponent’s pakal hand. This set of disarms relies more on joint manipulation to avoid being cut by his knife, disabling cuts to the tendons and some interesting use of the espada for leverage.

The Contradas:

Much like previous Contrada sets, there is emphasis on the “rapid-fire” striking, but there is emphasis on staying outside of the opponent’s guard to avoid being hooked and ripped by his pakal hand (while trying to place the opponent in the practioner’s guard, of course).

The Recontras:

It is here that Espada Y Daga will resemble a boxing match with a sword/stick and a knife. Both combatants will attempt to avoid being within the other’s guard and end the conflict quickly with a power hit, break or take-down.