-The Contradas

… literally meaning “counters”. This also consists of three sets of twelve techniques each. An analogy of this set might be likening it to the way a light machine gun fires…many multiple hits for every on of your opponent’s. The theories behind these sets are good for practitioners who must face larger and stronger opponents. Smaller and faster practitoners tend to favor the types of techniques featured in the Contradas. The sets also contain footwork theories which are also good against multiple opponents. The majority of the techniques take place in long or medium range.

The first set of Contradas teaches multiple hit patterns to the weapon arm and sometimes the head. Each Contrada theory in this set is against each of the four basic angles of attack.

The second set of Contradas takes the multiple hit theory of the first set and puts them in the context of multiple opponents. Learning how to make your footwork apply to several attackers and how to disengage from one attacker to engage another sets the tone of this set.

The movements of the third set of Contradas are virtual move-for-move counters to the first set of Seguidas. Whereas the first set of Seguidas are “largo mano” attack theories, this set teaches the counters/defenses in long-range. Note: This set was originally the first set of Recontras.