-Espada Y Daga Level 1

(sak-sak vs. sak-sak)

The Attacks:

This is a set of twelve attack forms that teach, among many things, basic footwork coordination with the weapons, and how to insert the use of the knife in between sword attacks.


There are two sets of twelve disarms each…the first set teaches disarms against the opponent’s sword, while the second set teaches disarms against the opponent’s knife.

The Contradas:

The Contradas for Espada Y Daga are somewhat different from the Contradas in the other parts of the system. The set is based on quick, multiple hits, but it also deals with some of the “what ifs”/contingencies that may happen in a combative engagement. For example, after dealing with the opponent’s sword thrust, the Contradas may suggest that the practitioner may attack the opponenet’s back…unless the opponent delivers a knife thrust to the practitioner’s mid-section, and the Contradas will show some possible solutions to that particular problem.

The Recontras:

Once again, the flavor of the Recontras here is similar to the Recontras set in the other parts of the system: timing-dependent, heavy-hitting, full-body committing techniques that mangle an opponent. Only this time, there are knives involved: yours and his…