-The Recontras

…meaning literally “recounters”. As with the Seguidas and the Contradas, the Recontras are also three sets of twelve techniques each. The techniques of these sets are typified by very powerful, “bullying”, timing-dependent entries that usually end with some sort of break lock or takedown. If the Contradas are similar to a light machine gun, then the Recontras are akin to a sawed-off shotgun with a bayonet attached. Big, strong practitioners tend to favor these techniques. Recontra techniques tend to occur in medium to close range.

The first set of Recontras are entries generally leading into an arm break. Note: This set was originally the third set of Contradas.

The second set of Recontras are entries typically done with various two-handed, bayonet-type grips on the stick.

The third set of Recontras are oriented toward using the alive hand (and it’s variants: e.g. forearms, elbows, knees, et cetera) as an offensive weapon.