Tuhon McGrath and Mataas Na Guro Latorre with the camp attendees.

Tuhon McGrath and Tuhon Latorre with the camp attendees.

Tuhon McGrath, Tuhon Latorre with the attendees of the 2014 PTI Summer Training Camp.

Kitchener, Ontario Seminar hosted by Stefan Barton Sensei circa 2008

2008 Solo Baston Sub-System Seminar hosted by Sensei Stefan Barton at the Golden Triangle Dojo in Kitchener, Ontario.

Attendees from one of the

Tuhon Latorre with attendees from the 2013 Solo Baston Recontras Set One Seminar at Millman’s Martial Arts Academy.

Lakan Guro Isa Tim Pios

Lakan Guro Isa Tim Pios applying a stick throw.


Hurricane Haiyan Relief Seminar 2013 at Sensei Matt Dorsey’s Martial Arts America. Joint instruction by Tuhon Jack Latorre (PTI Academy) and Guro Chris Thompson (CNYFMAA/Empire Training Blades).


Visiting and sharing alongside Gat Puno Abundio Baet and Guro Libby Libertucci of Garimot Arnis. December 2013.


Tuhon Latorre instructing the attendees in the finer points of breaking and dislocating.


Fighting at the Dog Brothers First Canadian Gathering of the Pack in 2012.


Teaching the 64 Attacks alongside Tuhon Scott Faulk at the 2012 PTI Summer Training Camp.


Tuhon McGrath and Tuhon Latorre demonstrating the use of geometry regarding Pekiti-Tirsia empty hand work and its relationship to large knife work.


Brothers: Master Jeff Latorre, of Direct Torres Eskrima and Tuhon Jack Latorre.