The PTI curriculum has great breadth and depth…it spans a rather large gamut of material with minute detail and specific body dynamics. Because of that, it can appear daunting to practitioners, as they can feel overwhelmed with the idea of learning this system.


But the design of the system is not meant to be ostentatious or overbearing. There IS a large body of technique in the system…but the practitioner does not need to fight with that large body of technique in an altercation. Rather, the practitioner needs to be able to recall and function with techniques that they have prepared for within their training…which is why we train to begin with.


The catch is…which techniques suit different practitioners?


Training with us helps the practitioner find that balance of “techniques in the system that work for me” and “what I have to work on in order to get more of these techniques to work for me”.


Training to defend yourself with fighting techniques happen in every class…”to move with meaning”.  In addition, if the the student wishes to do so, they can prepare for Certified Trainer status or Full Instructorship.


How does this happen?


First, “move with meaning”.  At the PTI Academy, altough we teach the full PTI Curriculum, we do not train students to be mere recepticles of technique.  We train students to use good body dynamics and structure, and to understand how and why those dynamics and structure need to be used.  Hit hard, be mobile and use your brain.  We train the innate fighter of each student.


Second, “knowing it AND feeling it”.  To be able to fight, the student has to be able to apply what they have learned under duress.  To have any instructional status at the PTI Academy, the teacher has to not only be able to perform the technique given, but understand the conditions that the technique exists under, what contingency plans exist when those conditions change, and how it fits into the bigger scheme of the curriculum.  And to do it under duress.  We train the budding teacher who wishes to pass on this martial legacy.


We at the PTI Academy enjoy helping students to have a meaningful and functional martial practice with the Pekiti-Tirsia System.