The double stick aspect of the system tends to be very “viewer-friendly”, as most onlookers find the interweaving slashing of the weapons to be aesthetically pleasing. It must be stressed that all the movements in the double stick system are functional, however flashy or not. Various weapon skills are acquired through the use of two weapons simultaneously, such as ambidexterity, total body coordination and reference postions used to enter into finishing techniques. Working with double sticks also develops the practitioner’s sense of rhythm and timing.

Because of the attributes honed by practicing double sticks, the ability to perform double stick applications becomes a nice “prerequisite” for Espada Y Daga and Doble Daga, as well as an invaluable supplement to Mano Y Mano (empty hands).

Other Applications:

It is not unusual to find many empty hand applications hidden within the double stick curriculum. Thus, practitioners often find their empty hand skill improve greatly as the double stick work progresses. Also,the coordination required for double stick work sets the stage for Espada Y Daga.