-Knife Level 2

Pakal Versus Sak-Sak

The Passing Drill:

This drill begins to demonstrate the differences in application between sak-sak and pakal orientations. This drill closely resembles the drill of the same name in level one, but there are a few adaptations since the practitioner now wields the knife in pakal. Because of this, there is a close range, hooking and ripping aspect to the knife’s use.

The Locking Drill:

Once again, this drill closely resembles its level one counterpart, but show how to attain numerous locks (e.g. inside wristlock, outside wristlock, straight armbar, and bent armbar) using the pakal grip.

The Scissoring Drill:

This drill demonstrates how to get countercuts on the opponent’s weapon arm, but the effects can be much more damaging than previously seen in level one. The pakal grip provides a much more powerful body dynamic to cut and rip than with a sak-sak grip.

The “Extras” Drill:

This contains other tangential techniques to be used while using the pakal grip, such as quick thrusts, “touches”, and “snatches”.